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The Camden County Chapter, New Jersey   


In Memory
Jamie Lee Morgan
01/29/72 -- 09/06/92

can tear apart  


 I never dreamed when we vacationed at the beach

Would be the last time I would spend with you

Now those days seem so far and out of reach


You were a best friend and  like a brother

I love you so very much and I still do

To me you meant the world and you were like no other


The many times that we spent together are memorable to me

If only I had known maybe I could have done something

But the future though I could not predict nor see


It has been almost eleven years since that horrible night

I can not understand why you had to be taken away

Your death was just not fair or right


I often wonder if you were here what might have been

Your spirit forever lives on in my heart

When the time comes we will be together again


Until that time comes I will think of you each day

Your gentle face will stay in my mind eternally

Each night I will utter words just for you when I pray


The fondness I have for you has not faded at all

To be honest it has even gotten stronger

The thoughts of you can pick me up when I fall


Your friendship will hold a special place in my heart

There is where our strong bond will evermore be

A bond which nothing or no one can tear apart.


for:  Jamie Lee Morgan by his friend, Janice Hess

          January 29, 1972-September 6, 1992



In Memory of


Matthew R.  Pieson

04/7/86 -12/13/03

Buzz Poets - Angel Eyes


He walked the earth above the ground

His smile as wide as painted skies

Blue Skies

His Blue Skies

And all the creatures heard the sound

The night, this child

Like angel learned to fly

In blue skies


And all I ask is why little angels have to fly

And the stars they hid his angel eyes

I throw my hands up to the sky and I miss his angel eyes

He sings to me don't cry


Since heaven called his name

Nothing will ever be the same as us together, together

They say legends never die

And so, my friends this angel lives forever, forever


And all I ask is why little angels have to fly 

And the stars they hide his angel eyes

I throw my hands up to the sky and I miss his angel eyes

He sings to me don't cry


I sing, I scream

I need to hear a new sound

A star has fallen

Think I hear him calling


Since the day I heard the news

My soul is melting cause my heart is burning, burning


He was just a child with the sun inside his smile

In innocent skies angels fly

I see an angel in the sky

And I miss his angel eyes

But he sings to me don't cry


(Appropriately suggested by Sara with all copyright privileges to Buzz Poet)


To remember Matthew R. Pieson




In Memory
Elizabeth Ann Sharp-Gale

My Child  

 I cannot choose the path

that you must venture to...

Let your heart take the lead

in whatever you pursue.

you are my angel, my treasure,

it's difficult to let go...

although your journey will be long

i must let you spread your wings...

and grow...


poem in memory for Elizabeth Ann Sharp-Gale



                      In Memory of                         
Montana Rose Hulse

11/10/98 - 01/26/99

Another Birthday-November 10th


This day is here again

Every year it makes its way around

Just like the season it just seems to fall right on me

Me missing you, every part of me.


This day is with me for every part of the year

When its finally here, there is no steering clear

Steering clear of everyday things is impossible

Thinking of you, missing you with every part of me


The wish of seeing your eyes brighten with the sight of your cake

Watching you blow out those candles

Unwrapping and hoping for the special gift you've been asking for

I'll never know the feeling of those things

Cause you were taken from me


You're six today and I have memories I'll never forget

The sight of your big eyes looking at me for the first time,

Watching you stare at me, listening to your first cry

That first smile is time standing still in my mind.


So one more year has come and gone

One more year you're there and I'm here

I'll never know the reasons

I'm praying that someday we'll be spending this special day together

Once again just like six years ago.


So blow out those heavenly candles, Montana.

I'll feel the warm breeze that follows.

Only I'll know it's you wishing you were here too.


"May You Fly With The Angels And Touch The Face Of GOD"

Always loved, never forgotten


Written by Briget R. Barnes-Hulse to remember Montana Rose Hulse

who was born November 10, 1998 and died January 26, 1999.




In loving memory of

Frank P. Herring



A poem for my Uncle Frankie  

Smiling blue eyes that danced with glee,
How happy you were the joke was on me.
You loved to laugh and play and joke,
And at my expense you would poke. 


I knew it was all done in fun,
Especially when you called me Hon.
What I wouldn't give to hear you go,
Out on the porch to call me "Dingo!"


Regrets I have as many of us do,
But you knew how much I loved you too.
If I could go back and visit the past
I would do what I could to make it last. 

Frankie, you were buried today,
And I didn't know what to say.
I loved you with all my heart,
And could not bear to see you part. 

Forgive me for not going to your wake,
I did it for my own personal sake.
No matter what I did it was too late,
For you had already left for Heaven's Gate.

Love,  Dianne

Written 3/14/06



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