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The Compassionate Friends
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In Memory

Lori Olson

Heather Olson
06/14/66 -- 08/24/76 07/23/69 -- 08/24/76


You left so soon,
A presence so bright
That you had to go
Just doesn't seem right

But forever, we will be together
Forever Together

For you came to us through love
Returning it in so many ways
Oh, how you were cherished
Each and every day

Replacing the pain of unanswerable questions
Memories are etched in our soul
Polished by streams of tears
Each and every day

Oh it hurts so much, so deeply
Time doesn't seem to care
Your spirit remaining inside us
Makes living a tolerable affair

It's your spirit living inside us
Making us aware
We are Forever Together
And that is an answered prayer

Submitted by
©Bob Olson June, 2000
In Memory of Lori, Heather, and Ann Olson
As well as all other children who have gone before their time. . .

     In Memory    
Adam Kenneth Kowalyshyn
08/30/90 -- 08/31/00

My Adam, My Adam
Where art thou?
I'm in heaven now
Embraced in his arms

My Adam, My Adam
How will you be?
I'll be forever
Happy and free

My Adam, My Adam
Will I see you again?
Of course mommy
In the promise land

My Adam, My Adam
When will that be?
When your work is done here
You will then join me

Submitted by
Adam's Sister, Krystin
for Adam's Mother

  In Memory 
Joshua Lee Gray
8/2/78 - 05/07/00

Take Solace in the Gentleness of
Your Spirit;
For it is the Essence of
All Living things.

Take Pride in all things
Truly beautiful
For the brightness of true beauty
Shall never fade.

Dwell not on the Mundane nor the Routine
For they are only fleeting barricades
Along the True Path.

Let your star shine so others may follow
Your light.

Written by
Michael Lee Gray
Joshua Lee's father

In Loving Memory
Of My Son
Joshua Lee Fields
11/14/76 -- 05/29/96

Isaiah 40:31
"Yet those who wait for the Lord 
Will gain new strength; 
They will mount up with wings like eagles, 
They will run and not get tired, 
They will walk and not become weary."

"Can You Still Hear Creedance?"

"Good times I remember" in October of 1976.  Painting a chest all yellow with blue knobs, Hoping and praying the life within me was a baby boy!  Overwhelmed with the anticipation of finally holding a baby, My baby, no one elseís, mine!  I made it this time, I am further along; I never made it this far before.  It was really going to happen!!!!!!!!  Iíd turn on the stereo and  play my Green River Album clean my house and sing all the songs.  Josh you would be kickiní away the whole time the music was playing.  I would stop, rub my swollen up belly, and ask "which one do you like the Best, "Green River" or "Bad Moon Rising". Then go on singing and cleaning.  Itís the fall of 1994, youíre all grown up now, (at least you are pretty convinced of it) You have a part time job after school, you own your own truck and paying your own car insurance Yes "you were in total control now" (there you go thinkiní again)  I am sitting in the computer room when I hear the door open and close, you came storming in. [Always had to announce your presence in some way]; I hear this yell coming from the living room, "Mom, come listen to this tape I bought; itís really cool".  Before I can give a reply "Green River" is playing on  the stereo.  I rushed into the family room; "Josh do you remember Creedance? "With a perplexed look on your face; "No".  I began sharing the story with you about being pregnant and listening to  Creedance.  All you did was give me that look "Yeah right".  You played the tape over and over again. Trying to learn every word to the songs on the tape.  As I listened all of the memories of, being pregnant with you; holding your life within me were rushing through my mind. As I kept on talking and telling you of each of them; you just kept on singing.  Was it possible that in just a short time from then I would never hear you sing or play your Creedance Tape again. I wish I had a hint; a warning. Something that would have allowed me to stop all the pain, sadness, and disbelief that would come into our lives.

On November 14th this year you would have turned 24 years old. Fall is here, October and November are coming too fast for me to prepare myself for the unrelenting yearning to see your face again. I want all your memories to never leave me. As your birthday approaches I will be listening to Creedance-----



Written by
Cecelia Fields
Joshua's Mom

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