There was a boy whose name
 was Dan
His life went by like sinking sand

He was always full of life,
But his heart was full of strife.

He was oh, so smart,
He put a love for him in your heart.

Though this boy's name was Dan,
He never got to be an old man.

Though as I write with this pen,
Oh how I wish I could see him again.

Even though we are very far apart,
He will always be in my heart.

Though I write this as his brother,
He never stopped loving his beautiful Mother!

Written In Memory of Daniel Williams
by his brother, Huey Hayes c. May 1999

       In Memory  
James Franklin Fritz
11/30/78 -- 02/13/99

The stockings are hung and the tree is trimmed bright,
With tinsel and ornaments and twinkling lights;
At four in the morning, I will wake with a start
And wonder why there is an ache in my heart.
At this time every Christmas, every year since I was eight;
You'd come to my bedroom and beg me to wake
To just come and see the job Santa had done;
And into the den, we'd head with a run!

Oh, thought of the magic of the early mornings,
By the light of the tree;
Send a shiver down my spine and a tear down my cheek.
What happened to those moments?
Why must we grow old?
Why has this season left me feeling so cold?

I think it must be, my brother, my friend,
That our childhood has come to an aching end
And me at the tree without you does not seem right
Us not together on a cold Christmas night...
It doesn't seem fair.  It doesn't ring true.
All I want for Christmas is to be there with you.

Let Santa bring the toys that children will forget;
The only present I want; I haven't gotten yet.
I'm asking and begging for one gift this year:
To see a smile on your face and to whisper in your ear
How lucky I was to have a brother like you
How much I loved you and needed you too.
And how much I will miss you when Christmas morning arrives;
How I will miss the sparkle in your eyes.

I know heaven is nice, but please don't forget
The sister on earth who will always regret
Words left unspoken, things left unsaid
To a goofy little brother who wouldn't
Let her stay in bed!

I love you James

Written by my daughter, Amy on our first Christmas without her brother James.

Submitted by
Beth Blackwell

In Loving Memory of
Paul Micah Atkins
8/7/84 - 7/8/95

Paul, it has been four long years since I have heard your voice or felt your touch.
No words can express how I miss you; miss you so much.
If is so difficult living without you, little brother.
It has also been a challenge for our dear father and mother.
God took you away and left us with nothing but pain.
But four years later, somehow I realize your death was not in vain.
You no longer have to suffer with your illness--
Even though life without you just kills us.
Paul, I know one day all of the grief will end
and we will be together--brother and sister again.
I miss you tremendously, but love you even more

Love your big sister,

In Memory of

Harley Avery Malone
November 8th, 1991 -- October 15th, 1998

My Little Angel
by Brittney Malone

You Are my little Angel.
The one in Heaven And no one can take your place in my life
And you are my only friend in Heaven
I love you Harley Malone.

Brittney Malone Age 10
TCF Augusta

    In Memory of      
James Kyle Hubert
May 4th,1996 -- September 5th, 1997

James, James, baby, baby,
Yes, No, or even maybe,
That's what the doctors did say,
But James went on his way,
He went to Heaven that day.

By Carly Hubert
(James' 9 year old sister)
TCF Augusta

My Friend

At one time you were my world.  As the years passed us by, you were my brother, my friend.   The older we grew, the closer we drew.  We lived our lives and suffered many sorrows, together

But to suffer this one alone, I just don't know.  You made your own rules, you conquered the world, and more-- Heaven's door.

The world will forever be a little emptier, a little colder, and yet Heaven is so much richer.   Blessed God, please watch over my friend until I can join him; we'll all join him soon.  I love you still, my friend.

Lori Boyle
TCF, Wellsville, NY

To My Sister

Love - Gratitude

You touched us all The agony is so great...
You loved us all And yet I will stand it.
Forever giving Had I not loved so very much
Forever caring I would not hurt so much.
Forever forgiving But goodness knows I would not
Never wanting in return Want to diminish that precious love
Blessed are those who shared your life By one fraction of an ounce.
Rich are those who carry your memories I will hurt,
Please rest now And I will be grateful to the hurt
Your chores we will finish. For it bears witness to

'Til we meet again...

The depth of our meanings,


And for that I will be

Cindy Keltz

Eternally grateful.

TCF, Arlington Heights, IL



Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Death The Final Stage of Growth

In Loving Memory Of
Wanda Jean Maddox
Oct. 26, 1981--Nov.26, 1997

Life Is Eternal

"Life is Eternal," the Good Lord said,
So do not think of your loved ones as dead,
For death is only a stepping-stone
To a beautiful life we have never known.

A place where God promised man would be
Eternally happy and safe and free,
A wonderful land where we live anew
When our journey on earth is over and through.

So trust in God and doubt Him never
For all who love Him live forever.
And while we cannot understand
Just let the Saviour take your hand.

For when death's angel comes to call
"God is so great and we're so small"
And there is nothing you need fear
For faith in God makes all things clear.

Love you always,
Your twin sister
Wendy James Maddox
TCF, Augusta, GA


I am fourteen and my skin has betrayed me,
the boy I cannot live without still sucks his thumb in secret.
How come my Knees are always so ashy, what if I die before morning, and momma's in the bedroom with the door closed.
I have to learn how to dance in time for the next party,
my room is too small for me, suppose I die before graduation,
they will sing sad melodies but finally tell the truth about me.
There is nothing I want to do, and too much that has to be done,
and momma's in the bedroom with the door closed.
Nobody even stops to think about my side of it.
I should have been on the math team my marks were better than his.
Why do I have to be the one wearing braces?
I have nothing to wear tomorrow, will I live long enough to grow up?
and momma's in the bedroom with the door closed

Audre Lord
"Life Doesn't Frighten Me AT All"
poems compiled by John Agard

For My Little Sister Sarah, I Love and Miss You!!      

Sarah Jean O'Neal

10/7/87 -2/24/00

Our Sarah

by Joseph Woodard

She shared with us her style and grace,

so lovely, slim with smiling face.

Her hair was golden, her smile was warm,

to see her was to know her charm.


She loved her family most of all, 

but shared herself with all who called,

and had no prejudice, or hate -

but accepted life just on her faith.


Her life was short but full of love,

for family, home and God above.

So short a time with us it seems,

no time to really fill her dreams.


But sometimes God has other plans,

that's different from we mortal man.

He used us to fill his needs,

to do his work, to sow his seeds.


And so our Sarah's gone away,

a star in Heaven some would say.

Memories of her are wonderful you see,

a perfect vision of life that's free.




For my big brother...a loving, kind, dignified, & compassionate man who always was there for me. To know Frank was to love him.


Frank T. Herring



There is always a face before me,

A voice I would love to hear.

A smile I will always remember

Of a brother I loved so dear.


Deep in my heart lies a picture,

More precious than silver or gold.

It's a picture of my brother,

Whose memory will never grow old.


Author unknown. 


   I love and miss you, Frank. A part of me is missing since you have gone.

Your "little" sister, Dianne.


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